34+ Best Kitchen Renovation Design ideas and Trends for 2019


As you can imagine, an idea of ​​kitchen conversion can be confusing as you may not know where to start or how to set the best course of action. So, before you plan the first steps of a complete kitchen renovation, you need to know exactly where to start and what budget you need to work to rebuild your kitchen. Resale – so well done.

First, ask yourself what your goals are, what is missing in the current design of your kitchen and what you would like to make disappear.

For passionate chefs, experienced hosts and busy families, your kitchen is probably the center of your daily life – and a place where form and function are paramount. To learn how to redesign a kitchen, we’ve put together everything you need to know about renovating your kitchen to improve your life, from selecting the subcontractor to selecting the tiles and equipment. We have commissioned our interior design and decoration experts to apply the best practices and discover the best ideas for kitchen renovation. We’ve also put together our favorite decorating ideas, from innovative appliances to eco-friendly islands to charming breakfast areas. Our renovation guide will help you plan a complete kitchen remodeling or simply look for new, updated appliances or inspiration for your kitchen remodeling.

To help you bring your kitchen design ideas to life, let’s review the most important kitchen decorating and remodeling trends for 2019 through a survey of the wisdom of our decorator. Here you will find everything you need to know to redesign the heart of your home with confidence and ease.

While we have seen some of the various worktop materials, the popularity of brilliant quartz surfaces is not in sight, as it remains one of the most requested materials by our customers for good reasons.

In addition to a timeless look, quartz is virtually indestructible because it gives a harder surface. Be careful to avoid excessive heat as hot pots can easily damage the material.


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