35+ Top Bathroom Design and Decoration Ideas and Trends for 2019


We asked our top bathroom design experts what to expect for the upcoming 2019 trends and here are the best results! Before renovating your bathroom, think about the trends of the 2019 bathroom: water rooms, vintage atmospheres, wooden furniture, Italian inspired accents and more … Want to live the time? Take a look at the best bathroom design ideas below.

Nowadays, the bathroom is not only used for hygienic reasons, it is also a place of beauty and relaxation. We need space to feel well and fresh. So why not expand, if possible, a little space in another room (such as an unused wardrobe) claim. The extension may also include the release of storage space, e.g. For example, move the washing machine and dryer to another location in your home.

If enlarging your bathroom is not possible, choose “optical illusions”. For example, tile your floor with larger tiles to make the room look bigger. Larger tiles also mean fewer joints, which means less dust deposition. Your bathroom will not only look bigger, but also cleaner! What a nice way to kill two birds with one stone!

A vintage design seems to be raging right now, even in the bathroom decor. Vintage mirrors or unique fixtures found in the flea market or thrift stores can surely give your private harbor an interesting feel. You can also turn an old dresser into a vanity. The set can be combined with patterned ceramic tiles or even make the golden plumbing work visible. If vintage is your thing, this bathroom trend is definitely timeless

A refined and refined style remains a fundamental trend in the bathroom at all times. Of course, these sophisticated styles are a bit more modern today and have warmer tones. Earthy colors, grayscale and white seem to dominate this fashion. Some, however, are more daring and add a touch of color or pattern tile to make their bathroom more contemporary.




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