37+ The Kitchen Trends That Are Going To Be Everywhere In 2019


New year, new trends in cooking. While Minimalism and the rose gold home appliances of 2018 have been huge, the New Year brings some different ideas for your kitsch. If you want to renovate your kitchen or just keep up with the trends, you need to know what the designers are doing to let you know what’s going on.

Get a bit rustic in the New Year and consider using more stone. According to Meyers, “People fall in love with the abstract canvases of Mother Nature and use natural stones beyond the counters, and the designers continue the stone material to the edges of the falls and large backsplashes.” Sometimes they carry the stone to the ceiling and you can even make natural stone drawer fronts and hoods.

Consider adding plasterboard to drawer fronts, vents, or island facades. They are a “catchy way to give a kitchen a subtle texture,” explains Meyers.

If you still have not bought KitchenAid matte black, now is the time. “Devices and dull black hardware are becoming increasingly popular,” Meyers said. “What used to be a minimal and difficult choice in all modern white kitchens is now a fun way to create a subtle contrast to the more traditional wooden cabinets and kitchens in shaker style.”

Mixing two different case colors sounds scary, but it looks serious. “Seeing wood cabinets with lacquered cabinets – up or down, it’s up to you – is really one thing,” says Meyers.




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