40+ Top Bathroom Design Ideas and Trends to Look for in 2019


Are you planning to renovate your bathroom next year? Be inspired by the design trends of your bathroom for 2019. Remember that design trends are not fashionable. These emerging trends in the bathroom last a long time and increase the value of your home while you enjoy your space to the fullest.

Go big
The bathrooms, especially the master bathrooms, are more than functional. We like to feel pampered and well and it’s hard in a tight bathroom. If you have an unused room near your bathroom, the extension of the bathroom’s surface is a good choice and offers a spacious and luxurious comfort.

The lines are. Nowadays, a clean look in a bathroom is preferable. A sleek and refined style is never outmoded, as it fits the functions of a bathroom. By simplifying the shapes in the bathroom your eyes will rest and you can let the worries of the day fly away for a moment.

The wood in a bathroom warms the room, making it comfortable and inviting while remaining elegant and fresh. Integrate wood into your shower or wall design to give your bathroom a modern and attractive look.

Natural stone is also very comfortable in your bathroom in 2019 and beyond. Colored pearls are especially beautiful and you can even introduce them to your bathroom with accessories, making this a simple and affordable trend.

Who said the shower and bath should be disconnected? In 2019 they will meet in a beautiful room, the water room. With a single glass panel, the shower and tub share the same space, adding a luxurious spa-style look to your bathroom.




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